Allez Cuisine Foods is a company that creates and manufactures gourmet quality food for home and restaurants.

Brian Prince: President

Brian Prince, PresidentBrian Prince is the co-founder and President of Allez Cuisine. A food connoisseur himself, Brian’s vision has come to reality as Allez Cuisine prepares a line of convenient, delicious, high quality dishes made by some of America’s most famous chefs.

Prior to the formation of Allez Cuisine, Brian started an investment and development company, which acted as a catalyst for his investment ventures in other markets. He later founded a finance company that provided capital for progressing businesses. Along with infusing capital into these ventures, he has provided oversight, expertise, and managerial services for his endeavors.

Today, he continues to manage these investments, while diversifying capital into Americas growing food industry.

Julie Dacascos: Vice President

Julie DacascosJulie Dacascos oversees daily operations and the development of innovative, world class food for Allez Cuisine. Growing up in a family of cattle ranchers in Texas, and having graduated from culinary school, Julie knows how high quality, home cooked meals should taste.

Her desire to have a delicious meal with her family each night is a driving force in her quest to develop meals that can be easily prepared at home without sacrificing taste. As the mother of three very active and involved children, the ability to get a healthy dinner on the table fast is not only a desire, but a necessity.

Bati Prince: Vice President of Product Development

Bati PrinceBati Prince is the head of product development at Allez Cuisine. As part of her culture, Bati has been around the most flavorful and unique dishes her roots have to offer.

Inspired by our chefs and her love for food, Bati provides Allez Cuisine with the freshest seasonal ingredients bringing homemade dishes to life. Bati ensures that Allez Cuisine’s recipes allow you to taste the fresh and aromatic ingredients of our dishes, while providing quality, health conscious, and delicious meals.

Bati works diligently to monitor quality control, oversee production, and assist in bringing nothing but the best into the homes of consumers.