Executive Chef of Osteria Mozza SingaporeDavid Jordan Almany, executive chef of Osteria Mozza Singapore, grew up in Agoura Hills in Los Angeles, California, and began cooking at the age of 15. He attended culinary school in Santa Barbara and upon graduating in the top of his class went on to cook at Tierra Sur at Herzog Wine Cellars under executive chef Todd Arrons, formally of Savoy in New York City and Zuni Café in San Francisco California. From there he moved to San Francisco to cook at Plumpjack Cafe under chef James Syhabout before moving back to Los Angeles to work first as a sauté cook and then as sous chef under Mario Batali, Matt Molina and Nancy Silverton at Osteria Mozza, helping the Osteria garner their first Michelin star. He worked a rigorous 3 years as sous chef before being promoted to Executive Chef of Mozza’s first venture outside of the United States at Osteria Mozza Singapore at Marina Bay Sands.